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Emotional Anxiety

As with most things in the make up of a person, there are varying levels of each process manifesting in each person.  So someone with Emotional Anxiety could be severely depressed or anxious (or both) and have physcial anxiety symptoms (or not) or a person could be experiencing anxiety and its affecting them more emotionally than physically, psychologically or behaviourally.

A person might feel numb, or frozen or emotionally all over the place and out of control, stressed, anxious, confused or deeply upset and self damning but not overly appearing stressed outwardly. 

Much depends on the levels of control, coping mechanisms, defences and thinking patterns a person has learned over their life time.

Psychotherapy aimed to balance emotions, thinking, feeling and behaviours.
Counselling and Psychotherapy supports a person with this condition and is complementary to any mediclal management a person is receiving.
In some people, it can affect your sleep and eating patterns, thinking and confidence, mood and self esteem get lower and lower. Depression is sometimes caused by anxiety and visa versa. Sometimes there has been a trauma or crisis that has caused the anxiety problem but not always.

Some people stop going places, or going out at all. You may find yourself avoiding social situations or an action like shopping or eating in a restaurant. You appear to eveyone else to be functionning just fine, but inside you most certainly do not feel fine. Often you stop doing the things you once found really enjoyable.

Some people (but certainly not all) develop ways of coping that include drugs (including prescribed drugs) alcohol, extreme behaviours, repetative behaviours, self harming behaviours, mental repatitions, eating more or eating much less, severe exercising, gambling and there are many other ways people try to cope but these of course do not deal with the anxiety problem.


Problems with anxiety can sometimes just be our excellent human/animal emergency system gone a bit awry due to stress. Other tmies it is a persons inability to process feelings and thoughts effectively, often when either lots has happened or they've simply reached an time in their life when they don't know who they are any more.

Whether someone develops a problem or not, can be complex and involves neurological, biochemical, biological, emotional and psychological factors, learning from our childhoods, personality, core values, beliefs, morals and current or past relationships. Past traumas or bad experiences can play a part as can current changes taking place and also relationships.

The aim in Therapy with me, is to get out of your head and into your senses and
fully experience your life, but this time in comfort, not discomfort. 

Working on stress & anxiety starts from the bottom up. It covers root causes, coping mechanisms,
attitudes, time management, our beliefs, our choices, general health, relationships and life decisions and more. 

It helps enable you to deal with life, people and yourself in a much more effective way so that stress no longer causes you a problem.

Along with Psychotherapeutic Interventions I might introduce Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and other methods
to support the reduction of stress and anxiety related symptoms and conditions.