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Relationship Therapy for Individuals - Emotional Abuse

Emotional or Mental Abuse comes in many forms and has finally been recognised as a serious issue in a relationship.  The relationship could include partnerships, marriages, work colleagues and towards other family members including children and the elderly.

Emotional abuse is not always easy to spot, especially when youre in the middle of it and it can happen to anyone of any social standing, personality type, intelligence and normally well functionning person can fall victim to hidden emotional abuse and not realise it is happenning.  At times, it can be so subtle, it can be questionned as to whether it is abusive at all.

What is Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse is when one person manipulates the another person at the detriment to that person and for their own feelings of power and control (to varying degrees) but the 'victim' is made to see it as actually in their favour or that they are responsible.   So it seems right, but feels bad.   Sometimes a person can only describe a 'bad feeling' but are unable to describe what is going on clearly as the description of the other persons behaviour sounds 'normal' when out of context.
The manipulation can be through mind games, words, gestures and contradictory behaviour which gradually undermine the other’s self respect, integrity and sense of self. Emotional abuse can be difficult to identify, as there is no scars or marks, and the torment can continue indefinitely. Conflict, arguments and criticism are all healthy ways of interacting with others – so what makes communication abusive?  This is what is worked through in therapy.

Sometimes, certain relationship dynamics can form in to abusive types of relationships or controling behaviours
and sometimes there are other factors involved such as: