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Counselling for Teenagers & Young People

Young People are seeking support more than ever before thanks to the awareness raising in our society, in schools and on social media.  The attitudes towards mental health, emotional well-being and counselling has changed for the better meaning you have a much better chance of getting the support that you need at the time that you need it. 

There are specific issues which cause stress and anxiety for young people which are particular to this life stage and it is often not possible to discuss certain issues with your parents or other family members as there is often other conflicts going on, a generation gap and other people's perspectives distorting a conversation, even if the intentions are originally good.

I began working in counselling with teenagers in 2010 in a senior school in Peterborough and prior to that I worked part time as a Youth Support Worker for Youth Offenders for a few years. 
I have two adult children myself (plus a primary school child).

The aim in Counselling is to support you in improving your self esteem, assertiveness, manage difficult emotions like anger and sadness and improve your interactions with other people in your life including your family, teachers and friends. 

If you particularly want a male therapist or a child therapist, then please contact
Philip Boddey MBACP who offers Child, Teenage & Family Therapy


On-line Counselling for Young People 
aged 18-25 is available at a monthly cost.  
This enables a person to contact me as their counsellor via text or social media at any time.  They will get replies to their messages by way of support and guidance. 
For under 18's regular counselling is the recommended option