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Counselling for Men

Although most issues can be problems for both men and women, there are certain issues that are specific to men.  It is now accepted in the scientific world that on the whole, men and womens brains are wired differently, meaning that men function (think, feel and communicate) in a different way to women which means that any female family and friends are unable to help you effectively.  It also means that most males who are in your world, also struggle to help because support through effective communication is not in your nature.

This means you have slightly different needs when it comes to counselling support and it has been realised that often men also leave it longer before seeking support meaning your ways of coping may have become troublesome.

Some common issues that men seek support for include:
Sleep Problems
Anxiety Symptoms
Anger and irritability
Coping with children or teenagers
Family conflict
Understanding thought processes
To change behaviours
Work and Career
Mid life Crisis
Male Specific illnesses

Counselling aims to improve coping skills, ease stress, improve relationships and create a more emotionally balanced way of being.

You are able to email or text me to make contact about counselling.