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Borderline Personality

What is Borderline Personality?
Borderline Personality Disorder is also known as Emotional Dysregulation Disorder, or basically- ‘emotionally unstable Personality’.  This is quite a common and confusing personality type which has had a lot of stigma over the years.  Despite it being labelled a personality disorder, it is probably best understood as disorganisation of the capacity to regulate emotions which is often experienced as emotions spiralling out of control and rapidly changing emotions, thoughts, and frame of mind.  Many people with BPD are not diagnosed.  Some are high achievers and successful and yet others are not.

Supporting a Borderline Personality?
Counselling support can be helpful to a person with Borderline Personality Disorder. Many mental health professionals believe that Borderline Personality is not treatable.  I believe that although person with Borderline Personality does not respond to therapy in a way someone without Borderline might, therapy might benefit some people with Borderline Personality but in a different way. The decision to seek therapy has to be the decision of the person with borderline personality.

Although in many cases, labels for our problems are not helpful, in the case of Borderline Personality, I believe that most people do benefit from a diagnosis, as it can explain their emotional presentation and problem and it explains how they found themselves in the position they are in life, and how they coped the way they have, with their life and other people.

Living with someone who is Borderline
Sometimes the coping mechanisms a Borderline Personality uses, causes other people in their lives to suffer confusion, stress, anxiety, trauma and a lowering of self esteem and a breakdown of their own coping skills.  Their way of being can be emotionally and sometimes physically abusive.  I have worked with many people who have seeked therapy after leaving or realising theyre in a relationship with someone with borerline personality.

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Counselling supports a person with this condition and is complementary to any mediclal management a person is receiving.