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Body and Issues with Looks

During the process of Psychotherapy, issues around what we look like tend to change to be more balanced. Attitudes, values, thoughts and feelings can alter and a more realistic perception takes it's place. People (male or female) tend to lose the desire to want to look a certain way (body or their face) and obsessions around food and diets can be changed and a more healthy attitude can take it's place.

Being so very self conscious of your body or face and how you look and what people think can affect all areas of life - relationships, sex life, social life, work life, money, family life, health and education. It often affects our choices and decisions you make. Sometimes the anxiety around this, can develop into Body Dysmorphic Disorder (which is about our facial good /bad looks, as well as our bodies).
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder can be severely debilitating and people can find themselves withdrawing from life as they knew it and many do not realise that they have developed an obsessive Compulsive problem.

Any area of your life could come into the therapy room during psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy uses a blend of approaches encompassing psychological and emotional processes, education and a holistic slant involving your mind, body, spirit and social aspects of you and your life.  The aim is an improvement in feeling ok in your skin, your body shape or weight, eating and looks. 

The time it takes depends on the causes, historical experience, personal psychology, learned behaviour, genetics, biochemical and neuro processes in each individual person and also the reason for entering therapy.