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Relationship Therapy for Individuals - Affairs

Love Affairs / Extra Marital Affairs / Being unfaithful / Falling in love with another / Acting Sexually with another person / Emotional Affairs...

I work with individuals who are experiencing affairs, either having or had one themselves or who's partner is having or has had affairs.

As you can see from the above title, there are a few terms to describe 'affairs' but depending on who you are, depends on what you define as an affair.  For instance, is communicating via messenger or text without your partner knowing, an affair or just deceitful?  or does it depend what you're talking about?  When does a text conversation or a friendship in real life become an affair or deception or betrayal?

In the eyes of the law, an extra marital affair is having sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse and legally, this is grounds for divorce.  Of course not everyone gets divorced after an affair, not every betrayal is sexual and of course not everyone is married either so the bottom line is that affairs in our society are not illegal and they happen.  A lot..

Therapy is a good place to explore affairs whether you are the one having one, the partner of a person having one or the third person in the relationship. It can help you get your head around what happened, what's going on and where to go from here.