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About Psychotherapy

Personal Psychotherapy can be about Personal Development and Self Identity or dealing with a mental Health Issue.

I offer short or long term therapy for adults who are struggling with a mental health issue or those who are seeking self exploration and understanding.  In long term psychotherapy you examine your life, how you behave, think, feel and function in the world.  It aims to support a person to become more balanced and emotionally stable long term.

The aim of Psychotherapy is to improve your long term mental and emotional health, develop your identity and make significant changes on a long term basis gaining greater understanding of yourself.
Most people have a curiosity about what Personal Therapy could offer them and that's because almost everyone can benefit from personal therapy.  You dont have to have a mental health problem to benefit from therapy.

Many people enter psychotherapy to explore themselves and develop self understanding.  This brings self awareness and enables a person to live more authentically and helps strengthen personal identity. Some of the aims of Psychotherapy is to develop self empowerment and improve your long term mental and emotional health and relationships with others.

Psychotherapy aims at dealing with current issues and well as more deeper rooted problems, and special techniques are used to explore your psychological and emotional processing and sometimes your past, allowing a person to alter and improve any areas that may be causing problems, especially that which is unconscious.

People find that Psychotherapy also assists in defining and clarifying core values, improves functionning in the world and how you relate to yourself and others.  Sucessful Psychotherapy can be life changing and self empowering.

Long term Psychotherapy explores deeper levels of being and is often that which is unconscious. One of the aims in psychotherapy is to reduce or manage 'neurosis' and 'complexes' (which most people have to some degree) and to facilitate a persons growth into authenticity, perhaps reducing aspects of themselves that are identified with and to develop the parts to them that are not developed enough. 

It can result in profound positive, long term changes in behaviours, feelings, personality and internal mental, physiological and emotional processing. Psychotherapy involves using specific counselling techniques drawn from various schools of thought to explore deep rooted issues and experiences to facilitate change.  So if the problem you have is  a deeply ingrained part of your personality it’s more likely that long-term therapy is for you.

If you are worried whether therapy is for you, trying a shorter term therapy might be helpful to give you an idea of the process. If after short-term therapy you start to benefit from how it is working, then you can then continue into something longer (or do another round of short-term therapy, always an option).

I use techniques and theory drawn from

  • Humanistic Therapies  (self-development, growth and responsibilities),
  • Psychodynamic Therapies (unconscious thoughts and perceptions,past development and understanding),
  • Interpersonal and Dymanic Interpersonal Therapy (Working around interactions with others)
  • Mindfulness CBT (Inner awareness, thinking and behaviour)

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