For Women
'You don't have to have a mental health problem to benefit from personal therapy'

Julie Morley
Personal Psychotherapist
Market Deeping, Peterborough
Tel: 01778 349620
Mob: 07902 583487

Personal Psychotherapy


About 'Personal Psychotherapy for Women'

I am an accredited Integrative Psychotherapist registered with The National Counselling Society and my varied qualifications are recognised by either The National Counselling Society, The Royal College of Nursing, the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the General Hypnotherapy Register and The National Hypnotherapy Society.

I work in personal therapy with individuals on a private basis, Monday to Friday seeing clients at my home.  I facilitate counselling for other counsellors and Psychotherapists  including therapy for student Psychotherapists while they are in Psychotherapy training.

Private Health & Well-being 
I began working full time with private clients in 2008 as a Registered Complementary Health Therapist where I focussed on pain management, anxiety, depression, ailments and mental health and well-being involving Complementary Therapies such as Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, nutrition, hypnotherapy, and Infant massage instruction & post natal depression.

Psychotherapy Private Practice
I started my work in Psychotherapy in 2010 and my main qualification is the Advanced Professional Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling (Ad.Dip.CP) and have continued to add to my qualifications.

Tutoring, Lecturing and Supervision
After some years in private practice I became a Tutor and Lecturer in Psychotherapeutic Counselling for the largest Counselling Training organisation in the country and also work in Supervision for other Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

About 'Psychotherapy for Women'

After working in therapy with women and men for a number of years concentrating on anxiety, distress, depression, trauma and relationships I came to develop 'Personal Psychotherapy for Women' which aims to bring a unique approach to the female mind and the challenges their lives bring, which enhances the therapeutic response in women.


The Psychotherapy I facilitate is not just about women's issues, it's about human issues worked with in a way that particularly complements and enhances the female mind and well-being.  Issues that are are particularly of interest to me are also of particular interest to the women I work.

Personal therapy for women is aimed at development in personal identity, authenticity, psychological and emotional health, self-esteem, self understanding & personal relationships and I have a particular interest in the personal development of the female mind and sense of self and work in a unique way with the particular isssues women in our culture have.

I am able to offer a specialised service by bringing in my expertise from previous work with both men, women, teenagers and couples.  I have a particular interest the differences in the female and male mind and have worked to specialise my therapy style to suit working with the female mind and all that created it to become how and who you are today.

Womens counselling